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A new brand is born. This is Descent, for your on- & off-piste accessories. Our motto: Play. Everyday! And enjoy life to the fullest, because if happiness is the goal then adventures should be the top priority.

This idea was born during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in a lot of spare time. So we started to make handmade jewelry. First as a crazy hobby and later we came on to the idea to do more with this and start our own webshop. So a wild plan became reality real quick, with lots of ideas and a long to d0 list. But first we needed a name for our ‘brand’. We came up with the name Descent, because this is the number one thing we love to do. Long days in the mountains with our snowboard and our friends, in search of fresh powder and first tracks. But also in summer the mountains are beautiful and have a lot to offer! We love exploring new things and go on a little adventure. The name Descent is short, cool and powerful and it feels perfect for our brand.

This worldwide Pandemic hit us hard, the wintersport season ended early and traveling is not possible at the moment. At least not in the way we are used to. We hope 2021 will be a better year! But despite everything that happens, it is important to remain positive. That's our message. We celebrate life everyday and make the most of it. Always say yes to new adventures!
That's why we started to create our own jewelry line. Everything is handmade and designed by ourselves. We've also got some cool sunglasses from the Austrian brand Gamswild in our shop and we just added neckwarmers, beanies and hooded swaters in our own designs! But that's not all. Soon more items will be added to our shop, such caps, goggle protection and some other cool accessories and items you can give at your friends birthday party. Descent is for everyone with a passion for the mountains, traveling and outdoor sports. Summer or winter!

We already love it, we hope you do too. And don't forget: Life is yours. Own it! 

Cassandra & Jeffrey
& our dog Jingo

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